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The Central Command operates in the Judea and Samaria region, as well as in the Jordan Valley.

Overview of Last Night’s Events in the Ephraim Region

Overnight, approximately 50 right-wing activists infiltrated the Ephraim Regional Division Headquarters, set fire to tires and damaged vehicles with stones, bottles of paint and by placing nails on the road. IDF forces, together with the Israel Police, expelled these rioters … Continue reading

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Suspects Accused of Murdering the Palmer Family Will be Read Their Indictments

On Sunday, November 27th 2011, the four suspects accused of murdering the father and son of the Palmer family will be read their indictments. This will take place at the Ofer Military Base, near Giv’at Ze’ev, at approximately 9:00 AM. The four aforementioned … Continue reading

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IDF and ISA thwart terrorist cell activity south of Jerusalem

In a combined IDF and Israel Security Agency (ISA) operation, a terrorist cell was recently arrested. The terrorists (ages 18-22), from a village near Bethlehem, are suspected for a shooting attack as well as placement and launching of explosives- released … Continue reading

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IDF Orders Investigation into This Morning’s Incident near Beit Hagai

Earlier this morning, at approximately 05:30 AM, an Israeli vehicle was identified driving suspiciously in the Beit Hagai area. As a result, a temporary crossing was established in the area. Soldiers present at the crossing then identified the vehicle, driving … Continue reading

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Terrorist who Carried Out October 22nd Stabbing in Ramot Neighborhood Arrested

 Abad Elrahman Mahmud Alian Zayid, the terrorist who carried out the stabbing attack in the Ramot neighborhood on October 22nd was arrested on 3.11.11 in a joint ISA-Israel Police -IDF operation. In the terror attack a 17 year old teen from the … Continue reading

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