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Photographs and stills taken from the field by the Israel Defense Forces.

Phantoms of the Mountain – The Elite Alpine Unit

The Alpine Unit (Hebrew: ‘Alpinistim’) is the elite winter-climate warfare unit of the IDF. Its purpose: a commando force specially trained to operate under conditions of snow, sleet, and dangerous weather uncommon to Israel. The unit was created in 1974 … Continue reading

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8 Incredible Technologies Used by the IDF

The very first of the ten fundamental values of the Israel Defense Forces is the defense of the state, its citizens and its residents. In order to achieve this goal, the IDF utilizes a vast array of modern tools, a few of … Continue reading

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VIDEO: IAF accurate hit of a terrorist site in response to rocket fire

Over the weekend, 19 missiles were launched from the Gaza Strip to Israel, attempting to hurt Israeli citizens. Fortunately, this attack on civilian population did not amount to any injuries or casualties. On Saturday night, the Israeli Air Force (IAF) … Continue reading

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Discover the IDF’s Future Field Intelligence Vehicle

An Israeli invention will soon be changing the world of field intelligence technology- the IDF’s Field Intelligence Corps’s “Granite” vehicle. Developed by ELTA Systems Ltd. and based on the Ford 550 model, the vehicle is unlike the “Raccoon” observation vehicle, already … Continue reading

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Photos: Weaponry and Ammunition Uncovered on Palestinian Boat in the Dead Sea

Today the IDF and Israel Police thwarted an attempt by two Palestinians to smuggle weapons from Jordan to the Judea and Samaria Region. An inflatable rubber boat carrying ten AK-47s, ten magazines and approximately 300 matching bullets along with the … Continue reading

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