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Maximum Efficiency at Minimum Risk- Showcasing IDF’s Skylark UAV

UAVs (Unmanned Aerial Vehicles) have a long history of development dating back to Nikolas Tesla in 1915. Concerned about losing pilots over hostile territory, the United States and Israel pioneered much of the UAV technology we see today. Nowadays, UAVs … Continue reading

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IDF Reinforces Israel-Syria Border Fence Following Riots

Today, Golan Brigade Commander Colonel Eshkol Shukron addressed recent changes made along Israel-Syria border. The Israel Defense Forces (IDF) has completed the installation of a sturdier border fence along the Israel-Syria border as a measure to prevent future illegal infiltrations … Continue reading

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Civil Administration, Hadassah Hospital Coordinate Trip for Palestinian Children to the Zoo

Last month, a group of Palestinian children from the West Bank along with their parents traveled to the Jerusalem Zoo for a day. Their trip was organized by the Civil Administration and Hadassah Hospital in Jerusalem. Many of the children … Continue reading

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Female Combat Hummer Operators Train at the Urban Warfare Training Center

The female soldiers who serve in the Hummer Operators’ Unit – there are no male Hummer Operators – spend their days in the field, training other soldiers how to use military Hummer vehicles in real-life combat scenarios. The training they … Continue reading

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Video: A Sample of Items Transferred into Gaza from Israel on a Daily Basis

The  above video shows a sampling of some of the goods transferred on a daily basis to the Gaza Strip from Israel. This was not filmed on a particular noteworthy day, as many luxury items are often included among the … Continue reading

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