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IAF Targets Terrorist Squad In Response to Rocket Fire

In response to rocket fire, an IAF aircraft targeted a terrorist squad in the southern Gaza Strip. The squad fired rockets seconds before being targeted. A hit was confirmed. Since the beginning of the year over 7 rockets, fired from … Continue reading

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IDF Thwarts Terrorist Squad Attempting to Plant Explosive Device

A short while ago, an Israel Air Force aircraft and armored corps soldiers targeted a terrorist squad that was planting an explosive device near the security fence in the northern Gaza Strip. Hits were confirmed. An explosion was identified, originating … Continue reading

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Infographic: Hamas rearms itself with weapons in order to hurt Israel’s civilian population

Since Operation Cast Lead, Hamas has been intensively working to rearm itself and to pose a continuous threat to Israel’s civilian population. Thousand of rockets and mortars have been smuggled into Gaza, reviving the terror infrastructure that was nearly dismantled … Continue reading

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Hamas Marks 24th Anniversary

More than 100,000 Hamas supporters gathered yesterday in Gaza City’s al-Katiba park, celebrating the 24th anniversary of its creation. Hamas, designated as a terrorist entity by the US, UK, EU and Israel, calls for the complete destruction of the State … Continue reading

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Over the past weekend, terror organizations bombarded Israel with 19 missiles targeting Israeli civilians

Over the weekend, 19 missiles were launched from the Gaza Strip, aimed at hurting the Israeli civilian population. Fortunately, the missile fire did not amount to any injuries or casualties and hit mostly open fields. One missile fired from Gaza … Continue reading

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