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First IDF Officer from Guinea Began Life in Israel as Refugee

<Cross posted from the IDF French Blog> Arriving illegally from the Republic of Guinea to Israel in 2005, Avi Bari overcame all obstacles that once stood in his path and became an officer in the IDF. He tells of his … Continue reading

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Israeli Civilians Prepare For Life-Threatening Scenarios

Today, the IDF Home Front Command played a central role in carrying out a nationwide civil-defense drill, i.e., “Turning Point 5”, throughout Israel. The drill was part of a week long exercise that trained civilians in facing various scenarios such … Continue reading

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In-Depth Analysis: The IDF’s Role and Impact on Israel’s Society, 24 Aug 2010

The following analysis takes  a comprehensive look at the historical and contemporary role and influence that the Israel Defense Forces has had in Israeli society, and highlights the benefits of the IDF as a  “people’s army”-one which serves as a … Continue reading

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