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List of Smuggling Attempts By Sea to Hamas, Hezbollah, Other Terrorist Organizations

Below are some of the attempts by terror sponsoring states to arm terrorist organizations such as Hamas and Hezbollah operating in the Gaza Strip and Southern Lebanon with weapons smuggled via the sea. These attempts are those publicly made available … Continue reading

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A Few “Nonviolent” Tactics Planned by Passengers on Last Year’s Flotilla

Despite the repeated commitment of flotilla organizers to nonviolence, their instructions to activists on board reveal that they interpret this broadly enough that these same tactics are liable to cause significant injury to IDF soldiers. Both the International Solidarity Movement … Continue reading

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Why the Israeli Navy Needs to Inspect Ships: Weaponry Smuggling Attempt in 2009

The below video illustrates the need for the Israeli Navy to thoroughly search suspicious ships in order to prevent rockets and other weaponry from being used on Israeli civilians. The Israeli Navy has previously intercepted numerous ships carrying weapons which … Continue reading

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The IDF’s Lawfully Enforced Naval Blockade on the Gaza Strip

The Israel Navy is steadfast in its commitment to lawfully enforce the naval blockade on the Gaza Strip, regardless of provocative attempts by international organizations to delegitimize Israel and its right to defend Israeli civilians from Hamas rocket attacks. Below … Continue reading

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Photo: Israeli Navy Simulation in Preparation for Possible Flotilla

Yesterday, the Israeli Navy conducted an integrated exercise simulating all possible scenarios in the event that a flotilla attempts to breach the naval blockade surrounding the Gaza Strip. The naval blockade, along with active efforts by the Israeli Navy, has … Continue reading

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