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“The Audacity of Hope” Aims to Break Israel’s Legal Blockade

Despite claiming that their purpose is humanitarian, the actions of the 2010 Gaza flotilla organizers reveal their goal to be explicitly political. As noted earlier this week in the New York Times, the boat called “The Audacity of Hope” is … Continue reading

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Financial Links Uncovered Between Hamas and Gaza Flotilla Organizers

According to Israeli military intelligence, the Hamas terrorist organization and several organizations behind the 2011 Gaza flotilla have similar funding sources. Three Islamic charity funds from the Hamas-affiliated Charity Coalition directly fund Hamas and some of the organizations connected to … Continue reading

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Video: Gaza Receives Thousands of Tons in Goods and Materials

On a daily basis, the Israel Defense Forces (IDF) ensures the transfer of nearly 6,000 tons of goods into the Gaza Strip. This translates to roughly 260 truckloads, which enter via the Kerem Shalom land crossing. Despite the commotion caused … Continue reading

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Photos: Hamas Weaponry and Tactics

View our new Flickr album, a collection of photos of Hamas weaponry and tactics from 2005-2011. Since Israel’s 2005 disengagement from the Gaza Strip, the Hamas terrorist organization has turned Gaza into a central hub of terror activity. Over the … Continue reading

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Lt. Col. Avital Leibovich: “We cannot afford to outsource Israel’s security to the international community”

IDF Spokeswoman Lieutenant Colonel Avital Leibovich, head of the IDF Foreign Press Branch, addresses the planned 2011 Gaza flotilla which overtly declares its intention to sail to the Gaza Strip, governed by the Hamas terrorist organization. Lt. Col. Leibovich explains … Continue reading

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