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IAF Targets Terrorist Squad which Fired Mortar at Erez Crossing

A squad of terrorists that had fired a mortar shell at the Erez Crossing earlier today was targeted shortly after by an IAF aircraft, in the northern Gaza Strip. A hit was confirmed. Continue reading

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List of Smuggling Attempts By Sea to Hamas, Hezbollah, Other Terrorist Organizations

Below are some of the attempts by terror sponsoring states to arm terrorist organizations such as Hamas and Hezbollah operating in the Gaza Strip and Southern Lebanon with weapons smuggled via the sea. These attempts are those publicly made available … Continue reading

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In Response to Rocket Fire, Israeli Air Force Targets Terrorist Tunnel

Last night, an Israeli Air Force (IAF) aircraft targeted an operational tunnel used for terrorist activity in the Gaza Strip. A direct hit was confirmed. Terrorists intend to use such tunnels to infiltrate into Israeli territory and execute terror attacks against Israeli civilians and … Continue reading

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Israeli Air Force Thwarts Rocket Launching Attempt

A short while ago, a squad of terrorists preparing to launch rockets at Israeli territory from the central Gaza Strip were identified by an (Israeli Air Force) IAF aircraft that thwarted the attempt by firing at them. A hit was … Continue reading

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Flotilla II Seeks Provocation, Poses Threat to Israel

The 2011 Gaza flotilla organizers have improved upon their formula, posing a greater threat to the Israel Navy than they did during their attempt last year to break Israel’s lawfully imposed naval blockade on Gaza. The Hamas terrorist organization and … Continue reading

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