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Islamic Jihad and “Soul of Jerusalem” Associated Militants Arrested in Northern West Bank

Overnight, 12 Palestinian Islamic Jihad-associated militants were arrested in a joint IDF-ISA activity taking place in the Jenin area. The activity was coordinated with the Civil Administration. The suspects are senior activists in the Palestinian Islamic Jihad in the Judea … Continue reading

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Qalandiya Rioters Use Ambulance for Cover While Hurling Rocks

During today’s “Nakba” riots taking place in the West Bank, Gaza Strip, and Syrian and Lebanese borders, rioters have employed violence including the use of flares and firebombs, the burning of tires, rock hurling, and the damaging of property. Qalandiya … Continue reading

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Updates Regarding Today’s “Nakba” Riots

Over the course of the day, several riots broke out in various locations, causing friction between Israeli security forces and the rioters and inciters: Northern Region: During the midday hours, hundreds of Syrian rioters infiltrated the Israeli-Syrian border into the … Continue reading

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Solid Waste Disposal Facilities in West Bank Promoted by Civil Administration

Below is a Civil Administration progress report regarding two of the three approved solid waste facilities in the West Bank (El-Minya in Bethlehem, Ramun in Ramallah). The other waste disposal facility has been successfully running since 2008. The Civil Administration … Continue reading

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Qasr Al-Yahud Easter Baptism Ceremony Assisted by IDF, Civil Administration

Last week, (Wednesday, April 20th), 3,000 Syriac Orthodox, Greek Orthodox, and Coptic pilgrims and bishops participated in a traditional baptism ceremony for the upcoming Easter holiday at the Qasr Al-Yahud baptism site in the Jordan Valley.  The pilgrims were accompanied … Continue reading

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