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Official statistics and figures relating to the IDF.

From the Heavens: First Live Parachuting Drill in 15 Years

Since the IDF’s very first battles, the Paratroopers Brigade played a vital part in maintaining Israel’s security. The brigade’s history is considered legendary, and comprises several retribution operations, parachuting into the Mitla Pass, special operations, the Battle of Ammunition Hill … Continue reading

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The Natural Detectives: Desert Reconnaissance Battalion

The Desert Reconnaissance Battalion (Hebrew: “Gadsar”) is unique in many regards. It’s comprised almost entirely of Bedouin soldiers and stationed near the Gaza Strip, where its soldiers use their unique skills to track terrorists and thwart infiltration attempts into Israel. … Continue reading

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Maximum Efficiency at Minimum Risk- Showcasing IDF’s Skylark UAV

UAVs (Unmanned Aerial Vehicles) have a long history of development dating back to Nikolas Tesla in 1915. Concerned about losing pilots over hostile territory, the United States and Israel pioneered much of the UAV technology we see today. Nowadays, UAVs … Continue reading

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Lock and Load – An Inside Look at an IDF Weapons Instructor

It’s a well known fact that the IDF trains some of the best soldiers in the world, but at the source of every good soldier lies an exceptional instructor – and that’s where Cpl. Daniella Stepanoe steps in. Originally born … Continue reading

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Indictments Filed Against Terrorists Responsible for Gunfire Attack

In a joint IDF-ISA activity, IDF soldiers arrested the suspects responsible for carrying out the gunfire attack that occurred on Saturday, December 24, 2011, directed at an Israeli vehicle heading towards Ma’ale Shomeron, near Azzun. The trial of the suspects … Continue reading

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