Photos: Illegal Weapons Captured Near Nablus

An IDF force stationed near Nablus captured two Palestinian men carrying an M-16 rifle, an Uzi, and matching ammunition yesterday. The two were taken in for investigation while the weapons themselves were confiscated by security forces.

In the past few months several other weapon caches and terror cells have been discovered in Judea and Samaria, not including improvised weapons such as knives or Molotov cocktails, which are confiscated on a near-daily basis.

Illegal Rifle Captured in West Bank

M-16 rifle confiscated by IDF forces yesterday near Nablus

Illegal Ammunition Confiscated in West Bank

Ammunition for the weapons, captured during an IDF operation yesterday

Palestinian Uzi Captured in West Bank

Uzi rifle confiscated by security forces near Nablus yesterday

Rifle Ammo Captured in West Bank

Confiscated ammunition and rifle

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