Since Operation Cast Lead, Hamas has reinforced itself in an effort to hurt Israeli civilians

Operation Cast Lead was aimed at reducing Hamas’ ability to harm Israelis. This goal was achieved by a consistent and long effort that focused on eliminating the Hamas terror
infrastructure and ending the unceasing rocket-barrage from the Gaza Strip

Since the operation was terminated Hamas has been focused on rearming itself and increasing its weapons’ quality and quantity. As a result of the illegal smuggling of weapons through underground tunnels, thousand of rockets were brought into the Gaza Strip in the last three years, and many of the terror cells have been re-activated.

Currently, Hamas posses weapons of far superior quality to the ones it held before Operation Cast lead such as the high-tech Anti-Tank missile, that was fired at a school bus in southern Israel this year, killing a 16-year old student. The Hamas terror organization also employs a vast array of modern mortar weaponry, adding to the over-whelming amount of missiles and mortars that are already stored in Hamas’ weapons’ storage. These rockets can reach civilian population centers up to 60km inside of Israel.

Weaponry Found in Northern Gaza

Weaponry Found in Northern Gaza

Over 1,000,000 Israeli civilians live under constant threat of Hamas rocket fire. The Israel Defense Forces views Hamas as a terror organization and will continue to pursue and stand against any terror activity aimed at Israel’s citizens.

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