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2011 was an eventful year for the IDF. It was a year of hope, conflict, joy and sadness – all of which can be seen in the photos taken by the hard-working IDF photographers, who were at the scene during every major event this year.

Just days before 2011 ends, it’s time to select our photo of the year, and you, our readers, will be the ones doing it! All you’ve got to do is check out our Facebook page, enter the “Photo of the Year” photo album and ‘like’ your favorite photo. The photo which will receive the highest number of ‘likes’ will be chosen as our photo of the year!

Below are the nominees for the 2011 best picture of the year:

1) Sayeret Yahlom  elite combat soldiers during training.

2) Caracal female combat prepares for the first battalion joint male-female exercise.

3) IDF doctors treat newly born babies in the IDF field hospital which was set up by emergency teams during the Japan tsunami disaster.

4) An officer from the Nahal Brigade ready for a military exercise.

5) F-15I aircraft during a joint exercise with the Italian Air Force in Sardinia, Italy.

6) IDF female soldiers take a break.

7) Guarding with man’s best friend- Oketz soldier (military K-9 unit) at work with his sidekick.

8) Gilad Shalit finally reunites with his family after five years in the Hamas prison.

9) Apache helicopter overlooking the mountains in Greece during joint exercise with the Greek Air Force.

10) F-16I “Sufa” plane ready for takeoff.

11) The elite combat soldiers of the Nahal Brigade Reconnaissance Unit have their eye on you…

12) IDF chopper during a particularly sandy landing.

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