The Trophy System: Protection Through Innovation

Armored vehicles and tanks, like the Merkava Mark IV, are the backbone of the IDF’s conventional power. Well-developed tanks became a decisive weapon during World War II. This role was well-deserved; their size, strength and firepower made them a critical asset in modern warfare. Yet, tanks traditionally remained vulnerable to anti-tank guided missiles, such as rocket-propelled grenades. These guided missiles can penetrate thick armor, endangering crew members. To defend armored vehicles from anti-tank threats, the Israeli Defense Ministry and Rafael Advanced Defense Systems developed the Trophy System.

Trophy Missile Defense System

Developed by Rafael and implemented in the IDF, the Trophy System is an advanced active armor-defense system used to defend Merkava Mark IV tanks from anti-tank missiles. The Trophy System has successfully intercepted missiles fired at tanks by detecting, tracking and neutralizing the missile threat. This system has already proved itself in the field – date. The system creates a protective dome which shields the tank from multiple attacks. If a missile detonates while being intercepted by the Trophy System, collateral damage for friendly forces is far less than had the missile hit the tank.

The IDF’s constant use of cutting-edge technology ensures the safety of its forces and gives soldiers all the necessary tools to fulfill their mission: Protecting the state of Israel and its citizens.

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