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Infographic: Gaza Strip Monthly Crossing Report – November 2011

This report details the humanitarian measures taken for the month of  November, 2011. The Israeli Government, together with the IDF, coordinates the delivery of a variety of goods, gas and development assistance to the civilian population of the Gaza Strip on … Continue reading

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Overview of Last Night’s Events in the Ephraim Region

Overnight, approximately 50 right-wing activists infiltrated the Ephraim Regional Division Headquarters, set fire to tires and damaged vehicles with stones, bottles of paint and by placing nails on the road. IDF forces, together with the Israel Police, expelled these rioters … Continue reading

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VIDEO: IAF accurate hit of a terrorist site in response to rocket fire

Over the weekend, 19 missiles were launched from the Gaza Strip to Israel, attempting to hurt Israeli citizens. Fortunately, this attack on civilian population did not amount to any injuries or casualties. On Saturday night, the Israeli Air Force (IAF) … Continue reading

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