Thousands of Sar-El Volunteers Give Back to the IDF

Yesterday marked the tenth anniversary of International Year of Volunteers. On an annual basis, approximately 4,000 Jews and non-Jews from 30 countries fly to Israel and volunteer in the IDF for several weeks. The IDF is grateful for these volunteers who play an important role in handling logistical needs, annually saving the IDF hundreds of thousands of hours in manpower.

The volunteers are organized by Sar-El, the National Project for Volunteers for Israel. Wearing IDF uniforms, volunteers of all ages (18-80) package boxes of food for combat soldiers and tour Israel.

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Launched in 1983, Sar-El has since brought more than a hundred thousand volunteers to Israel. Yesterday, the international community also marked International Volunteer Day.

Click here to read more about volunteering to the IDF from all across the world.

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