The Israeli and Italian Airforces Train Together in Joint Exercise in Sardinia

The Israel Air Force  and Italian Air Force finished a extensive training exercise, strengthening cooperation between the armies

The outlines practiced in the joint exercise between the Israeli and Italian Air Forces were particularly complicated ones, increasing in difficulty and complexity each day of the delegation.

“The deepness and complexity of the exercises are some of the reasons this delegation is so important”, said Col.l Nir, commander of “Ramat David” airbase. “It makes me very proud to watch our planes taking off the runway and taking part in such a useful exercise together with the Italians”.

“We’re practicing in a unknown place. The size of our flight field is larger than the entire State of Israel, allowing us to practice things we can’t back home”, explains Major B., a pilot from the “Knights of the North” squadron.

The transition from a professional, but distant relationship between the Israelis and Italians to one with a true mutual understanding was obvious in the tones of conversation as well as in the jovial exchange of national uniform “patches” as souvenirs.

Israeli F-16 in Italy, IAF, Italy, Air force

“We can really learn from the Italians as much as they can learn from us”, says Lt. Col. Guy, a pilot from the “First Jet” squadron. “They’re organized and extremely exact. It was a pleasure to interact with them”.

From the Italian side, the event is seen as an important exercise, a meeting with allies. “The Israeli Air Force has proven time again that it is extremely effective. It is an honor for us to practice with you and it is definitely a learning experience”, says Lt. Col. S., an Italian pilot.

“This is the IAF’s seventh delegation to Sardinia, so there’s an element of trust and acquaintanceship, built on mutual understanding on the ground and in the air”, said Lt. Col. Yiftah, Commander of the Delegation.

Israeli F-16 in Italy

After days of exhausting back-to-back flights, the Italians and Israelis shared a final barbecue meal together, and began to draw conclusions from the combined practice.

“The complex coordination amongst the different countries, the technical formation, the logistics, the control crew and the pilots are something to be proud of”, summarized Lt. Col. Yiftah. “Our achievements in practice were very high and that’s thanks to everyone who took part. It was a once-in-a-lifetime experience for everyone”.

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