Updating: Rockets in the South (Last update on 19:17 PM, 31.10)

More than 45 mortars and rockets were fired over the past three days from the Gaza Strip at southern Israeli communities including Ashdod (population of over 200,000), Ashkelon (population of 113,000), Gan Yavne (population of 19,000) and Be’er Sheva (population of 195,000), causing light to moderate injuries to at least three people and damaging several buildings, including a school. Moshe Ami, father of four from Ashkelon, was killed from sharpnel wounds.


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19:17 – Rockets launched from the Gaza strip, hit the Sderot city area. No injuries reported.

19:08 – The Iron Dome Air Defense System intercepted a Grad missile launched from Gaza at the Be’er Sheva area.

18:36 –  Two more rockets launched from the Gaza Strip and hit Sdot Negev Regional Council.

15:55 – Short while ago, another rocket fired from Gaza hit Hof Ashkelon Regional Council.

05:30 – Sha’ar HaNegev Regional Council has suffered a direct hit. No injuries reported.

00:43 – Hof Ashkelon Regional Council was hit a rocket fired from the Gaza Strip. No injuries were reported.

00:36 – Short while ago, two more rockets fired from Gaza hit southern Israeli communities. No injuries or damage were reported.

00:27 – Israel Air Force targeted a terrorist squad moments after firing a rocket at southern Israel.


23:47 – Short while ago, two more rockets fired from the Gaza strip hit Hof Ashkelon Regional Council and Eshcol Regional Council.

21:43 – Another rocket fired from the Gaza Strip hit Hof Ashkelon Regional Council. No injuries or damage were reported.

19:51 – Short while ago, another rocket fired from the Gaza strip hit southern Israel.

17:16 – Short while ago, another Gaza rocket hit southern Israeli community. No injuries or damage were reported.

15:30 – IAF thwarted rocket launch attempt.

07:50 – This morning, Iron Dome intercepted two rockets near the Ashdod area in southern Israel.

07:30  – Since midnight 10 rockets and mortar shells hits southern Israel. Over 30 rockets were launched into Israel from the Gaza strip since yesterday.

06:25 – IAF aircraft targeted six terror activity sites in the Gaza Strip. Three rocket launching sites and one terror tunnel were targeted in the northern Gaza Strip, and in the southern Gaza Strip two terror activity sites were targeted. Secondary explosions were observed in certain sites. Hits were confirmed.


00:20 – Mortar shell hits southern Israel.

23:50 – Mortar shell hits near Sha’ar Ha’Negev Regional Council.

22:50 – IAF aircraft targeted a terrorist squad in the northern Gaza strip that was preparing to launch rockets at Israeli communities. Additionally IAF aircraft targeted two armed rocket launchers in the southern Gaza Strip. Hits were confirmed.

22:15 – IAF aircraft target a terrorist preparing to launch rockets at Israel in the southern Gaza Strip. Hits were confirmed.

22:13 – Video of a terrorist squad preparing to launch rocket from Gaza toward Israel.

21:35 – Over 15 rockets were fired at southern Israel today, including many Grad rockets fired at Ashdod and Ashkelon.

More than 20 mortars and rockets were fired today from the Gaza Strip at Israeli communities

Firemen extinguishing fire after a rocket hits Ashdod (Photo: Israel Police)

21:00 – School is cancelled for tomorrow in many cities in southern Israel.

20:40 – Chief of the General Staff, Lt. Gen. Benny Gantz held a situation assessment in response to the renewed rocket fire from Gaza. The assessment was held with the operational general staff including representatives from the Intelligence Corps, the Southern Command, the Home Front Command, the IAF and the Operations Directorate.

20:03 – 3 more mortars hits southern Israel.

19:10 – 3 more rockets hits southern Israel near Ashdod.

19:00  – another rocket hits southern Israel.

17:50 – Mortar shell hits southern Israel.

17:20 – 2 rockets hit Ashdod, threatening 230,000 civilians. Another rocket hit Gan Yavne, one person was lightly injured.

14:15 – In a joint IDF and the Israel Security Agency, IAF aircraft attacked a cell of terrorists preparing to fire long-range rockets from the southern Gaza Strip.. Hits were confirmed and the launching attempt was thwarted.

Rocket Attacks toward Israel

Since Israel withdrew from the Gaza Strip in 2005, terrorists have fired more than 7,000 rockets and mortars into Israel, putting millions of Israelis under threat on a daily basis. Hamas is the ruling entity of the Gaza Strip; the terrorist organization is designated as a terrorist entity by the US, UK, EU and Israel. In the last year, more than 600 rockets and mortar shells were fired at major population centers in southern Israel.

Hamas Rocket Ranges

Since 2001, more than 10,000 rockets and mortars were fired from Gaza, resulting in 35 dead, more than 1,500 injured and thousands were traumatized. more information can be found at Overview of Rocket Attacks Toward Israel.


In Response to Heavy Rocket Fire, IAF Targets Several Terror Centers in the Gaza Strip

– IAF Targets Terrorist Squad and Launching Tripods in the Gaza Strip

IAF Targets Terrorist Preparing to Launch Rockets at Israel

IAF Targets Terrorist Squad Responsible for Firing Mortars at Israel

IAF Targets Terrorist Responsible for Long-Range Rocket Launch.

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