Infographic: Gaza Strip Weekly Crossing Report for October 7th to 13th

The Israeli Government, together with the IDF, coordinates the delivery of a variety of humanitarian aid and development assistance to the civilian population of the Gaza Strip on a daily basis. This report details the humanitarian measures taken for the week of  October 7th-13th, 2011, as well as general transfers of goods and services to the Gaza Strip.

During this period, a total of 1,285 truckloads crossed over from Israel, carrying 34,657 tons of goods, medicine and development assistance for Gaza’s civilian population. 365 truckloads of construction aggregates were transferred into the Strip during this period.

In addition, 831 tons of cooking gas were transferred into Gaza while 276 patients and accompanying individuals exited Gaza for medical treatment and 126 international organization staff members entered the Strip.

34 truckloads of hygiene products were transferred into the Gaza Strip last week as well as 64 truckload of electrical Products.

Gaza Strip Weekly Crossing Report for October 7th yo October 13th

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