Meet the New Female Combat Officers of the IDF

Yesterday, October 26, 2011, a Ground Forces officer’ course graduation ceremony was held at the officer training base in Mitzpe Ramon.

386 cadets finished the course, including 27 female combat officers

Here is the story of a few of the  new female combat officers of the IDF:

2nd Lt. Orien Levi, Graduated with Honors.

Orian Levy is 19 years old, and lives in Bet Shemesh. She enlisted in 2009, to be a combat soldier at the MLRS battalion in the Artillery Corps. Even though she serves in a unit that specializes in operating heavy weaponry, she states that “female combat soldiers are treated just the same as male ones.” It was very important to her to go to officer’s course, from which she graduated with honors, in order to instill values in her soldiers.
Her motto is: “I’ve always been there for my friends, and I will be there for my future soldiers.”

Alina Bestias

2nd Lt. Alina Bestias: "I'll always be wherever I'm needed, and I will always do my best."

Alina is 20 years old, and lives in Ashdod. A great example of the integration of women into the IDF, Alina set a goal for herself to become a female combat soldier from a young age. She Joined the Caracal Battalion in 2009, to a mixed platoon consisting of both men and women. She proved herself to be an excellent soldier, even compared to the men in the platoon, during both initial and advanced training, and was selected to go to officer’s course, after a successful period as squad commander.
Her motto is: “I’ll always be wherever I’m needed, and I will always do my best.”

Shikma Biton

2nd Lt. Shikma Biton: "I set a goal to myself to contribute as much as I possibly can."

Shikma Biton is also 20 years old, lives in Afula, and is a great hip-hop dancer.
She joined the same platoon as Alina did in the summer of 2009, and the two instantly became best friends, and ultimately went to officer’s course together, where they became even better friends.
Her motto is: “I enjoy every second in the army, and I set a goal to myself to contribute as much as I possibly can.”

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