Unidentified Vandals Damage IDF Property

Overnight, initial reports indicate that unidentified vandals broke into a military base north of Ramallah and vandalized thirteen vehicles; puncturing tires, shattering the windows, and spraying graffiti against IDF commanders and against dismantling of structures in the Jewish community of Migron earlier this week. The Israel Police is currently investigating the incident viewed by the IDF as severe.

Upon being briefed about the incident, the GOC of the Central Command, Major General Avi Mizrahi contacted the commander of the Judea and Samaria Region District of the Israel Police, claiming that the “diverting of anger towards military officials with the objective of deterring them from carrying out legal operations, government and Supreme Court decisions is unacceptable and reprehensible. I intend, along with the law enforcement authorities to apprehend those responsible for the incident, and bring them to justice.”

Lieutenant General Benny Gantz

Lieutenant General Benny Gantz

Update: Lieutenant General Benny Gantz, spoke tonight at a naval officers graduation ceremony held in Haifa:

“I regret having to preface my words by regarding the severe vandalism incident executed tonight by a reckless, lawbreaking extreme minority in an IDF base in Judea and Samaria.

All of us, soldiers and commanders, citizens of every kind, remember and remind that the IDF is not the enemy. We are all aware that the IDF is the shielding force, operating under law and government directives. I am convinced that those responsible will be found, and that our operational activity will not be fractured.

In this time, in which the Middle East is raging with turbulent storms and waves of revolution, we must prepare for every possible wave that may make its way to the shores of Israel, and halt it before it occurs.

Many challenges lay ahead. The vicious terror attack along the Egyptian border, alongside with the rockets fired from the Gaza Strip, have illustrated to us very clearly, the IDF faces these threats as it always has, prepared for every scenario, ready and fit to operate in any arena and any dimension, determined to perform its task of protecting the State of Israel and its citizens from any harm”.

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