Iron Dome Battery Deployed, Israeli Children Return to School

Today, Israel’s two million children returned to school after a recent barrage of Gaza rockets into Israel.

Israeli children

Israeli children in southern Israel live under constant rocket fire. Photo: Ariel Hermoni, Israeli Defense Ministry.

Speaking about the new school year on Israel Radio, a young Israeli girl said, “We are very excited. Yes, maybe we are scared, but we have lived through wars here. And we still have to go to school.”

Yesterday, Israel unveiled a newly deployed Iron Dome battery, designed to protect Ashdod’s 200,000 Israeli residents from Gaza rockets. The city of Ashdod is equivalent in population to Atlanta, GA and Manchester, UK.

Israel's Iron Dome battery

Iron Dome battery is a system designed to defend Israeli civilians from rocket fire. Photo: Noa Adar, Bamahane.

Israel already has two batteries stationed to protect Israelis living in Ashkelon and Beersheba—their combined population totals 300,000 people.

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