Memorial Ceremony for Fallen Israel Navy Soldiers

Speaking at a memorial ceremony for fallen soldiers from the Israel Navy on August 30, 2011, Lieutenant General Benny Gantz mentioned his recent tour in southern Israel:

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I met with our troops in the field, who serve with pride and a sense of mission. They scanned and patrolled the terrain with determination–these soldiers are the face and character of the IDF. We continue to work hard to achieve a higher purpose for the IDF: To bring peace and security to our region.

Standing near an Ashdod monument commemorating the Navy’s fallen soldiers, Lt. Gen. Gantz addressed a crowd full of bereaved families:

Our fallen soldiers are missed on the ships of the Navy. They are missed at family occasions of joy and sadness. The IDF is committed to preserving the memory of fallen soldiers and standing next to their loved ones, just like they defended our lives.

Israel Navy ship.

Israel Navy ship.

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