Sleepless Night of Rocket Fire in Southern Israel

Last night, at least 17 rockets fired from Gaza struck southern Israel. The attack wounded a nine-month-old infant and damaged property. This followed a day of relative quiet after a week during which terrorists had fired more than a hundred rockets into southern Israel, home to one million Israeli civilians.

Israel vehicle damaged by rockets fired from Gaza.

Photos: Devastation to Israeli vehicle caused by rocket fire from Gaza yesterday

At around 8 P.M., terrorists fired three rockets from Gaza, breaking the calm that had prevailed on Wednesday. No civilians were injured.

A couple of hours later, four more rockets were fired from Gaza into Israel. One of the rockets aimed at the city of Beersheba, was intercepted by the Iron Dome system. One of the rockets struck nearby, wounding a nine-month-old infant.  Shortly thereafter, several more rockets fell, bringing the total number of rockets to at least 17.

The state of Israel will not tolerate terrorism against its citizens, and the Israel Defense Forces will do all it can to protect the citizens of Israel.

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