Challenges to Securing the Israel-Egypt Border

Terror attack in southern Israel

Israel’s border with Egypt, its second-longest, stretches for over 200km. Israel faces many challenges in securing the Israel-Egypt border—given a high rate of border infiltrations and the constant threat of criminal activity and terrorist operations in the Sinai Peninsula.

An explosive device detonated under a civilian bus, killing the driver.

An explosive device detonated near a civilian bus near the Israel-Egypt border, killing the driver.

In the past six months, the security situation within the Sinai Peninsula has steadily deteriorated. Weapons smuggling has increased dramatically and the natural-gas pipelines to Israel and Jordan have been repeatedly sabotaged.

In January 2010, a new border fence along the International Border Line (IBL) with Egypt was approved by the Israeli government, the construction of which has since been coordinated with and has received prior approval from the Egyptian authorities. In light of recent regional unrest, the fence’s construction is now more urgent than ever.

On August 18, 2011, eight people were killed and at least 40 others were injured in a multi-pronged terror attack targeting Israeli civilians. In a premeditated attack, terrorists targeted Israeli civilians, who were on their way to Eilat, a popular tourist destination for summer vacations. All of the incidents took place near the Israel-Egypt border. According to Israeli intelligence, the terrorists originated from Gaza.

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