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Challenges to Securing the Israel-Egypt Border

Israel’s border with Egypt, its second-longest, stretches for over 200km. Israel faces many challenges in securing the Israel-Egypt border—given a high rate of border infiltrations and the constant threat of criminal activity and terrorist operations in the Sinai Peninsula. In … Continue reading

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Phosphorus Shell Fired from Gaza

Mortar shell with phosphorus was fired at the Kerem Shalom land crossing along the Israel-Gaza border. The terrorist organization intentionally aims rocket attacks at major Israeli civilian population centers, putting a million Israelis in the line of rocket fire. Mortar … Continue reading

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In Response to Rocket Fire IAF Targets Terror Sites in the Gaza Strip

In response to rocket fire from the Gaza Strip at Israel over the past days, IAF aircraft targeted two terror activity sites; one in the northern and one in the southern Gaza Strip. Direct hits were confirmed. The IDF will … Continue reading

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Summary of Today’s Terror Attacks Emanating from Gaza and IDF Activity

Following Thurday’s multi-pronged terror attack near the city of Eilat and the constant stream of rockets fired into Israel from Gaza in the last couple of days, the Israeli Air Force targeted attacking four terror sites in Gaza, destroying a weapons … Continue reading

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Popular Resistance Committee: Iran’s “Terror Sub-Contractor” in the Gaza Strip

While the State of Israel is mourning the murders of eight of its citizens, including that of 22-year-old Staff Sergeant Moshe Naftali, this Thursday it is an appropriate moment to note the perpetrators of this multi-pronged attack the Popular Resistance Committees, … Continue reading

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