Weaponry and Explosives Found on the Terrorists

Terror attack in southern Israel

On Thursday, August 18, 2011, in a premeditated attack, terrorists from the Gaza Strip targeted Israeli civilians, who were 20km from reaching Eilat, a popular tourist destination for summer vacations.

The terrorists carried out a string of terror attacks on passenger buses, civilian vehicles and soldiers near the Israel-Egypt border, killing eight people and injuring 40 others.

During an ensuing exchange of fire, IDF soldiers killed seven terrorists, who according to Israeli Military intelligence originated from Gaza. The incident also resulted in the deaths of Staff Sergeant Moshe Naftali, a 22-year-old soldier from Ofra and Chief Warrent Officer Paskal Abrahami, a 49-year-old sniper from Jerusalem.

The below photos display explosives and weapons found on the terrorists behind the multi-pronged terror attack. Each terrorist wore an explosive vest with shrapnel; and carried grenades, an AK-47, ammunition and a military assault knife.

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