In Response to Combined Terrorist Attacks, IAF Targets Sites in the Gaza Strip

Terror attack in southern Israel

Overnight, IAF aircraft targeted seven targets in the Gaza Strip. In northern Gaza, the targets included a weapon manufacturing site and two terror activity sites. In southern Gaza, the targets included two smuggling tunnels, a terror tunnel and a terror activity site.

Direct hits were confirmed, and secondary blasts were identified at a number of the targets.

These sites were targeted in response to the combined terrorist attacks that took place yesterday around noon near the city of Eilat, as well as the firing of rockets at Israel from Gaza.

The IDF will not tolerate any malicious attempt to harm Israeli civilians and IDF soldiers, and will not hesitate to respond with strength and determination to any element that uses terror against the State of Israel and until calm is restored. The IDF holds the Hamas terrorist organization solely responsible for any terrorist activity emanating from the Gaza Strip.

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