Fallen Soldier and Dozens Injured in Multi-Pronged Terror Attack

Terror attack in southern Israel

Eight people were killed and at least 40 others were injured in today’s multi-pronged terror attack targeting Israeli civilians. In a premeditated attack, terrorists targeted Israeli civilians, who were on their way to Eilat, a popular tourist destination for summer vacations. All of the incidents took place near the Israel-Egypt border. According to Israeli intelligence, the terrorists originated from Gaza.

"One of the most tragic days Israel has witnessed in several years," said IDF Spokeswoman Lt. Col. Avital Leibovich.

Around noon on August 18, 2011, terrorists opened fire on Israeli civilian bus number 392 while it was traveling en route to Eilat. Fourteen people were injured and evacuated to a nearby hospital. The bus driver continued driving and stopped at a security check to report the incident.

Bus No. #393 was shot in-route to Eilat

Bus No. #393 was shot en route to Eilat.

At simultaneous events along the same southern route, a bomb tore through a civilian bus without passengers, killing the driver, and terrorists fired at two civilian vehicles. IDF troops were dispatched to aid civilian casualties; en route to the scene, they were fired upon, killing Staff Sergeant Moshe Naftali, aged 22.

Photos from multi-pronged terror attack on Israeli civilians

An explosive device detonated under a civilian bus, killing the driver. Photo: Ariel Hermoni, Israeli Defense Ministry.

In addition, the Iron Dome, an Israeli missile-defense system, intercepted two rockets launched from Gaza into Israel.

The IDF will pursue those responsible for this attack at all costs and will not allow further harm to Israeli civilians.

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