Chinese Chief of the General Staff to Visit Israel

The Chinese Chief of the General Staff, General Chen Bingde, will arrive today for a brief visit to Israel.

Gen. Bingde is the guest of the IDF Chief of the General Staff, Lieutenant General Benny Gantz, who will hold a festive dinner in his honor this evening, attended by senior IDF officers.

Chinese Chief of the General Staff, General Chen Bingde

Chinese Chief of the General Staff, General Chen Bingde. Photo: IDF Website

Gen. Bingde will meet senior security officials and attend strategic and security briefings, visit the IDF Urban Warfare Training Center, and observe a display of IDF forces training.

In addition, Gen. Bingde will tour the Wailing Wall and the Yad va’Shem Holocaust Memorial and Museum in Jerusalem.

The IDF places significant emphasis on the development and upkeep of international cooperation as a mean to facing mutual challenges. This visit is part of a series of cooperative exchanges with the IDF and foreign partners. Previous visits have included the Italian Chief of Defense Staff, German Chief of Defense, the American Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff and the Bulgarian Chief of Staff among additional dignitaries.

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