IDF Spokesperson Launches Twitter Accounts in English, French and Arabic

In keeping with their commitment to transmit the message of the IDF in the most the most efficient and cutting-edge way possible, IDF spokesmen have now launched their own Twitter accounts. These accounts, written in English, French and Arabic, provide Internet users with real-time information on events in the field.

Follow Lt. Col. Avital Leibovich on Twitter.

Follow Lt. Col. Avital Leibovich on Twitter.

Here is what the spokesmen have to say about their new Twitter accounts:

Follow Lieutenant Colonel Avital Leibovich, official IDF Spokeswoman for the international press, on Twitter.

I believe that it is the responsibility of every spokesperson to use the Internet to reach the public. In the near future, these platforms will become even more dominant and even replace some of the more traditional platforms.

Follow the Arabic tweets of Major Avichai Adraee, head of the IDF Spokesperson’s Arabic desk, on Twitter.

The last few months have made it increasingly clear what a profound influence social media networks have on the Arab world. We live in the Middle East; we must speak its language.

Follow Captain Barak Raz, head of the IDF Spokesperson’s North American Desk on Twitter.

I am excited that spokespeople to the foreign press are available on Twitter so that we can reach out around the world and engage in open dialogue – to share from our thoughts and experiences.

Follow the French tweets of Lieutenant Sacha Dratwa, head of the IDF Spokesperson’s new media desk on Twitter.

I’m very happy to see the recognition on behalf of the other spokespeople of the importance of social media and their understanding of the possibilities inherent within it.

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