“August Cycle” of Recruitment into the Israel Defense Forces Begins this Week

Starting this week and continuing throughout the month, new recruits will be absorbed into the Israel Defense Force. Traditionally, an Israeli soldier’s first day in the army is considered a festive event. Families accompany their sons and daughters to the Military Absorption Center, sending them off with sweets and presents, teasing them about their new, short haircuts (at least, the sons).

 Personnel Branch Head Maj. Gen. Orna Barbivai, the first female Major General in Israeli history said that the Israel Defense Forces are now concentrating on giving attention to “special populations” among the new soldiers, including those soldiers drawn from Israel’s haredi and ethnic minority populations.

Becoming a Soldier

Becoming a Soldier

Among the youngest brigades in the Israel Defense Forces is “Kfir”, which specializes in urban combat and counter-terror operations.The following clip showcases some of Kfir’s activities and soldiers:

The Israel Defense Forces’ Navy focuses on protecting Israeli commerce, collecting intelligence, and combating terror at sea. The following clip showcases the Israeli Navy’s activities and ships:

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