Israel Marks Five Years since the Second Lebanon War

Today, Israelis mark five years since the start of the Second Lebanon War in 2006.

Captured Israeli soldiers Sergeant First Class (res.) Eldad Regev and Master Sergeant (res.) Ehud Goldwasser

Israeli Fallen Soldiers Sergeant First Class (res.) Eldad Regev and Master Sergeant (res.) Ehud Goldwasser. Source

On July 12, 2006, Hezbollah terrorists killed three Israeli soldiers during an attack on an Israel Defense Forces (IDF) vehicle patrolling within Israeli territory alongside the Israel-Lebanon border. Two of the soldiers killed were taken into captivity by Hezbollah, whose attack instigated the outbreak of the Second Lebanon War—during which Israel significantly impaired Hezbollah’s military capabilities.

The war lasted 34 days and ended with the signing of United Nations Security Council Resolution 1701. Although a partner to the resolution, Hezbollah has directly violated UN Resolution 1701—rearming and strengthening itself with weapons and training from the Syrian and Iranian regimes. Five years later, Hezbollah has returned to full, routine militant activity in southern Lebanon.

The IDF has produced an infographic presenting Hezbollah’s gross violations of United Nations Security Council Resolution 1701. The resolution calls for Hezbollah to remain disarmed and bans paramilitary activity south of the Litani River. Hezbollah has blatantly disregarded UN Res. 1701, for example, in September 2010 Hezbollah operatives were caught transferring weapons from a weapons storage facility to a mosque in a neighboring village, following an explosion at the site.

Infographic of Hezbollah's Arsenal

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