Flotilla II Seeks Provocation, Poses Threat to Israel

2011 Gaza Flotilla Organizers

The 2011 Gaza flotilla organizers have improved upon their formula, posing a greater threat to the Israel Navy than they did during their attempt last year to break Israel’s lawfully imposed naval blockade on Gaza. The Hamas terrorist organization and its European counterparts are using the flotilla to deliberately delegitimize Israel and its right to defend itself.

Organizers of the 2011 Gaza flotilla have a provocation-seeking agenda: Deliberately provoke and humiliate Israeli soldiers. For example, organizers trained boat passengers on how to defiantly rebuff Israel Navy attempts to peacefully board the boats.

Pulitzer Prize-winning author Alice Walker joins the 2011 Gaza flotilla.

Pulitzer Prize-winning author Alice Walker joins other celebrities on the 2011 Gaza flotilla. Photo: Foreign Policy.

The 2011 Gaza flotilla, at ten ships, is nearly double the size of last year’s (which consisted of six vessels). This factor will make it more challenging for the Israel Navy to board all vessels that attempt to break Israel’s lawfully enforced naval blockade. In addition, the size of the 2011 Gaza flotilla does not allow Israel the option of towing the vessels into Israel’s Ashdod port.

The flotilla is estimated to contain only 3,000 tons of goods and materials–half the daily amount transferred by Israel to the Gaza Strip. While lacking in items, the 2011 Gaza flotilla will carry celebrities and media personalities such as American poet and Pulitzer Prize-winner Alice Walker, Swedish crime writer Henning Mankell and several European parliamentarians.

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