Why the Israeli Navy Needs to Inspect Ships: Weaponry Smuggling Attempt in 2009

The below video illustrates the need for the Israeli Navy to thoroughly search suspicious ships in order to prevent rockets and other weaponry from being used on Israeli civilians.

The Israeli Navy has previously intercepted numerous ships carrying weapons which were disguised behind civilian cargo. The process of disassembling all contents aboard and checking every corner of the ship is impossible to do at sea. The ship must be docked so that it can be thoroughly examined.

Less than two years ago, IDF soldiers uncovered roughly 500 tons of weapons, rockets, and missiles hidden in 36 large shipping containers behind hundreds of sacks of polyethylene aboard the “Francop” ship.

The ship was flying an Antiguan flag and carrying the mass amounts of weaponry without the knowledge of the ship’s crew. The weaponry originated from Iran and was designated to be transferred to the Hezbollah terrorist organization in southern Lebanon. It was specially packed along with civilian cargo and in boxes with disparate descriptions in order to purposefully mislead the crew and authorities.

In order to completely assess its components, the ship was taken to the Ashdod Port and its contents were fully disassembled. The Navy was able to determine the extent of the weaponry and its origin, thereby conducting a conclusive search.

In March of this year, the Victoria ship was also found to contain 50 tons of weaponry also without the knowledge of its crew. According to intelligence, the weaponry was headed towards the Gaza Strip.

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