Security Fence Path Near Bil’in Relocated

Today marked the start of the relocation of the security fence bordering the West Bank village of Bil’in. The IDF began implementing a court ruling by Israel’s Supreme Court, which will enlarge neighboring Palestinian territory. Israeli soldiers have relocated dozens of Palestinian olive trees and replanted them during the re-routing of the fence.

The alternative security fence, as well as removing the previous one, will cost Israel 26 million NIS. An additional allocation of five million NIS will be used to expropriate the land to the village of Bil’in, making it suitable for Palestinian agricultural use.

Map outlining the new security fence route bordering the Palestinian village of Bil'in

Map outlining the new security fence route bordering the Palestinian village of Bil'in

Every Friday, violent rioters hurl rocks at Israeli soldiers near the village of Bil’in, protesting the route of the security fence. Over the past several years over 200 Israeli security personnel have been injured at these riots.

The security fence is responsible for preventing thousands of suicide bombers from carrying out terror attacks against Israeli civilians. “Just years ago terrorists moved freely from Palestinian cities to Israeli ones killing hundreds of innocent men, women and children,” said Colonel Saar Tzur, brigade commander of the Binyamin Regional Brigade. “One of the main reasons for the decline in terrorism in the Israeli home front is the security fence.”

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