Photo: Israeli Navy Simulation in Preparation for Possible Flotilla

Yesterday, the Israeli Navy conducted an integrated exercise simulating all possible scenarios in the event that a flotilla attempts to breach the naval blockade surrounding the Gaza Strip. The naval blockade, along with active efforts by the Israeli Navy, has stemmed the flow of hundreds of tons of advanced missiles and other weaponry to Hamas and other terror organizations from Gaza who seek to harm Israeli civilians.

The simulation is in response to the intentions of the organizers of last year’s flotilla to launch a new flotilla this summer. Last year’s flotilla consisted of violent activists with ties to worldwide radical Islamic terrorist activity who pre-planned the attack on the Israeli Navy commandos who boarded the ship. The organizers of this year’s flotilla are similar to those of last year, including organizations such as the IHH who have close ties to Hamas and other terrorist cells worldwide.

Yesterday’s simulation practiced non-lethal tactics to board the flotilla ships, such as the use of water cannons, as shown in this photo of the drill:

Israeli Navy, IDF, practices non lethal tactics to board the ship for an upcming flotilla

The Israeli Navy simulates the boarding of a possible flotilla by non-lethal means, including a water cannon

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