Gaza Strip Crossing Activity – Monthly Report for May 2011

The Israeli Government, together with the IDF, coordinates the delivery of a variety of humanitarian aid and development assistance to the civilian population of the Gaza Strip. This report details the humanitarian measures taken during the month of May 2011, as well as general transfers of goods and services to the Strip.

4,942 truckloads weighing 127,353 tons of food, fuel, and other materials, including construction materials entered the Gaza Strip last month. During the month, there was a 128% increase in the volume of truckloads entering the Gaza Strip through the Kerem Shalom Crossing compared to last month, and an 31.5% increase in the number of patients that exited the Gaza Strip for medical reasons.  In addition, 929 truckloads of cement, iron, aggregates, and other building materials have been transferred for the purpose of a variety of humanitarian aid projects in coordination with international organizations. These include water treatment plants, greenhouses, agricultural plots, schools, a medical center, and housing units.

After an Israeli Cabinet decision in June 2010, the capacity of the Kerem Shalom Crossing was nearly doubled so that 250 truckloads could enter the Gaza Strip on a daily basis.

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