Home Front Command Drill To Begin Sunday

The national Home Front exercise “Turning Point 5” will begin this Sunday and conclude Thursday (June 19th-23rd 2011). The exercise will include all emergency authorities, including the Home Front Command, the national Emergency Management Authority, local municipalities, government ministries, security forces, safety and rescue services, as well as the education and welfare systems.

Home Front Command Instructor With Children

Home Front Command Instructor with schoolchildren

The exercise provides an opportunity to prepare the public and the various authorities for emergency scenarios, and is meant to improve the readiness of the home front during crises: testing siren systems and cellular networks; pre-selected protected spaces; distribution of individual protection kits (IPK’s) and coordination between the various emergency authorities.

Adhering to Home Front Command instructions during the 2006 Lebanon War and operation “Cast Lead”, proved to be life saving.

Education institutions and kindergartens, military bases located in the home front, government ministries and public institutions will also practice entering pre-selected protected spaces. For the first time, over 80 various authorities across Israel will be participating in the exercise, along with the Home Front Command’s liaison units to regional authorities.

The Home Front Command will also activate the “Personal Message” project, testing a cellular alert system. The SMS text messages will read “Exercise, exercise – have a good day from the Home Front Command”.

The IDF stresses that all public services, including hospitals will function normally.

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