New Flickr Set: 2005 Disengagement from the Gaza Strip

Over 250 photos have been uploaded on the IDF’s official Flickr account taken during the 2005 disengagement from the Gaza Strip.

Vodpod videos no longer available.

On June 6, 2004, Prime Minister Ariel Sharon made the decision to disengage from Gaza. He enacted the plan to evacuate all Israeli citizens and military personnel from the Gaza Strip in August 2005.

Israelis who refused to leave voluntarily with government compensation prior to the August 15, 2005 deadline were forcibly evicted from their homes. The evacuation of Gaza was complete by September 12, 2005.

Shortly after the disengagement, Hamas seized power of the Gaza Strip and has since waged war on Israel, including firing rockets and missiles at Israel’s civilian population centers and abducting an Israeli soldier, Gilad Shalit.

This newly released set is part of a series of photos taken during the past decade which will be available on the IDF Flickr page in the coming days.

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