Video: Protest in Umm Salamuna

The following video is of a protest which took place yesterday in Umm Salamuna, southeast of Bethlehem in the West Bank. Every Friday afternoon, protesters gather in the town to demonstrate against the security fence, which has dramatically decreased suicide bombings and other terror attacks inside Israel for over 6 years. Protests in Umm Salamuna often turn violent, with rocks being hurled at IDF and other security forces by rioters who also damage the security fence.


In the video, the deputy battalion commander of the Kfir Brigade offers water to the protesters due to the extremely high temperature mid-afternoon that day. The Palestinian protest leader tells his supporters, “Don’t drink the water!” following which a woman dumps out a cup of water offered to her by the commander.

The soldiers stood next to a pile of rocks in order to ensure that no rocks would be hurled. Later, rocks ended up being hurled at IDF soldiers by Palestinian rioters who had stuffed their pockets with rocks and ran. The IDF soldiers responded with riot dispersal means.

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