West Bank Riots Over Last Three Days

Over the last three days several riots have taken place in the Judea and Samaria region, otherwise known as the West Bank:

Palestinian Rioter Hurling Rocks in Bil'in

A rioter in Bil'in hurls rocks at security forces

On Friday, six riots took place in Palestinian villages:

  • Bil’in: approx. 50 rioters
  • Ni’lin: approx. 50 rioters
  • Dir Nizam: approx. 50 rioters
  • Umm Salamuna: approx. 50 rioters
  • Southeast of Ramallah: approx. 40 rioters
  • Qalandiya: approx. 100 rioters – a border policeman was lightly injured from rock-hurling and received medical care on the spot
Qalandiya Rioter Shoots Firecracker

A rioter in Qalandiya shoots flares at IDF soldiers

The rioters burned trashcans in addition to hurling rocks and firebombs (Molotov cocktails) at security forces.

Rock-Hurling Riot in El-Arrub

A young rioter in El-Arrub hurling rocks

Over the course of the morning several more riots took place:

  • Al-Arrub: approx. 100 rioters
  • Beit-Ummar: approx. 30 rioters
  • Bir Zeit: approx. 50 rioters
  • Anata: approx. 30 rioters

Demonstrators at the riots burned tires in addition to hurling rocks and firebombs. Security forces responded with tear gas and other riot dispersal means.

Rioter Hurls Firebomb in El-Arrub

A rioter hurls a Molotov cocktail (firebomb) in El-Arrub

More updates forthcoming as events unfold.

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