Qalandiya Rioters Use Ambulance for Cover While Hurling Rocks

During today’s “Nakba” riots taking place in the West Bank, Gaza Strip, and Syrian and Lebanese borders, rioters have employed violence including the use of flares and firebombs, the burning of tires, rock hurling, and the damaging of property.

Qalandiya Rioters Use Ambulance for Cover While Hurling Rocks

Palestinian rioters in Qalandiya use an ambulance for cover as they hurl rocks during a violent riot as part of the "Nakba" protests.

Qalandiya has been the site of a large amount of violence during the past three days. Currently, 600 are still rioting violently. There have been a number of documented instances throughout today in which rioters have hidden behind ambulances for cover while they continue to hurl rocks at Israeli security forces.

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