IDF Doctors Treat New Mothers and Their Babies in Minamisanriku

IDF Doctors Treat New Mothers and Their Babies

Lt.Col. Dr. Amit Assa, Yuki Satu and her baby

Yuki Satu, 24, a new mother staying at an aid population center in Minamisanriku, gave birth to a girl six weeks ago by a Cesarean section. Due to the tsunami, Yuki had been unable to go to a gynecologist for a follow-up examination for the six weeks since she had given birth.

When Yuki heard about the Israeli medical aid delegation from friends in the population center and from media reports, she and her baby showed up at the IDF medical clinic.

She was examined by Lt. Col. Mishe Pincrat, a gynecologist with the IDF delegation who found Yuki to be in good and stable condition. After which, the baby was examined by Lt. Col. Dr. Amit Assa, a pediatrician from the delegation who concluded the baby to be healthy and in a general good condition.

Yuki, who deeply thanked the Israeli staff, and her baby were accompanied throughout the medical examination by Mora Tomoku, a local midwife who looks after all the pregnant women in the Minamisanriku area. Mora checks up on the women by visiting each individual woman’s home along with the gynecologist and midwife of the IDF aid delegation.

IDF Doctors Treat New Mothers and Their Babies

Pictured (left to right): Mora Tomoku, Lt. Iris Badrak, Lt. Col. Dr. Amit Assa

Since the arriving to Japan, the delegation doctors have treated 18 new mothers in follow-up examinations.

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