The Heroes that Served, Part 2: We Stole Three Days from Aliza

This is a post from guest blogger, Maj. Peter Lerner, who currently serves as the IDF spokesman for the Central Command.

Aliza our heroine/witness will celebrate her 76th birthday on the 11th April. We surprised her today with a cake and a warm message of love and admiration. She most definitely deserves it. We all sang “happy birthday to you” and she told us that since that piece of country bread this is the most moving birthday she has had.

Afterwards I approached her, introduced myself and told her about this blog. I asked her if I could interview her for a short video and she accepted the invitation immediately saying “my English isn’t from Oxford but I can manage. And if I get stuck you can help me”. I smiled and of course agreed. I will try and get round to it tomorrow during our visit to Auschwitz. If you have questions you would like me to ask her send them to the IDF twitter account as DMs.


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