Israeli Officers Visit Eastern Jerusalem Hospitals

Israeli Officers Visit East Jerusalem Hospitals

The Civil Administration Health and Welfare Coordinator, Dalia Bassa, along with other Civil Administration officers listen to the administration head of Augusta Victoria Hospital

Yesterday (April 5th), the senior staff of the Civil Administration conducted a joint tour of hospitals in eastern Jerusalem along with Israeli Border Police commanders stationed near Jerusalem, and a battalion of the IDF Military Police. The hospitals treat tens of thousands of Palestinians who receive entry permits to Israel for various medical treatments.

Israeli Officers Visit East Jerusalem Hospitals

The officers and Civil Administration staff at the entrance of the Augusta Victoria hospital

As part of the visits, the soldiers, policemen, and Civil Administration personnel received briefings by the head administrators of the Augusta Victoria, the Saint John, the Saint Josef and the Al-Makassed hospitals regarding the different hospital departments and the types of treatments available for patients. As such, the officers were thanked by the hospital staff for their continuous cooperation and medical aid, and were presented with current issues pertaining to medical coordination and the arrival of Palestinians for treatment. The staff cited the officers for their help in training the doctors of the hospitals, and for the easing of measures for chronically ill patients and medical teams at the various crossings.

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