Japan Aid Delegation Members and Local Children Partake in Recreational Activities Together

The IDF aid delegation to Japan takes a quick break to entertain the local children of Minamisanriku, who experienced deep losses from the recent tsunami and earthquake. Together with the children, the delegation members played a game in which the language is universal – soccer.

The game was held between an improvised team of IDF officers and the local children, and ended with a victory on both ends – the local youth’s spirits were lifted, while the officers received a quick break from their laborious efforts treating tsunami victims from the city, focusing instead on a fun-filled game.

In addition, IDF delegation members partook in recreational games and colored with the younger Japanese children.

Prior to and following the game, the IDF officers aided in transferring the area’s residents from the residential population aid centers to temporary houses until their old houses destroyed by the tsunami are completely rebuilt.

The Japan aid delegation of the IDF Home Front Command and the Medical Corps which consists of medical personnel, professionals in the field of civilian aid and logistics personnel, arrived on March 27th and is based out of Minamisanriku, an area which was heavily affected by the tsunami and where thousands are missing and displaced.

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