IDF Doctors in Minamisanriku Treat Japanese Woman with Knee Difficulties

The IDF specialist clinic established in Minamisanriku, Japan continues to aid the victims of the tsunami. Last week (March 31st), Toshiko Yamauchi, 78, arrived at the orthopedic clinic headed by Dr. Nechamia Bloomberg, unable to walk and dependent upon her son to push her in a wheelchair. After treatment which included a physical examination, x-ray imaging, and a surgical procedure with the assistance of the clinic’s surgical nurse, Sergei Nazrov, an exciting and amazing thing happened- Toshiko was able to walk. The above video shows Toshiko thanking the dedicated staff for giving her back her mobility.

Dr. Bloomberg said that Toshiko came to him as she was suffering from a knee joint infection which prevented her from walking, and after undergoing a surgical procedure at the IDF specialist clinic, she was able to get back on her feet and walk without feeling pain.

Apart from Toshiko, many patients with various medical difficulties have arrived to the Israeli clinic which opened on March 27th and have received comprehensive and advanced treatment from the multi-specialized clinic staff.

The Japan aid delegation of the IDF Home Front Command and the Medical Corps arrived on March 27th and is based out of Minamisanriku in the Miyagi Prefecture, an area which was heavily affected by the tsunami and where thousands are missing and displaced.

The IDF aid delegation is comprised of approximately 50 officers and soldiers, including medical personnel, professionals in the field of civilian aid and logistics personnel. There is also a team from the Israel Atomic Energy Commission.

The aid delegation has established an emergency response medical clinic to provide medical services to those affected by the disaster, including intensive care, internal medicine, pediatrics, surgeons, maternity and gynecological ward, orthopedics, otolaryngology (ear, nose and throat) ward, optometry, x-ray, laboratory services, and a pharmacy.

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