C-704 Missile Would Have Increased Strategic Capability for Gaza Terror Organizations

Last week, the Israeli Navy intercepted 50 tons of sophisticated weapons concealed in civilian cargo containers aboard the “Victoria”, which left Syria and was en route to Alexandria, Egypt. Of the 50 tons, the most strategically significant weapons found were 6 C-704 missiles.

Currently, there are no known C-704s held by Hamas or any other terrorist organization in the Gaza Strip. With a range of 35 kilometers, this anti-ship missile would have been used to threaten IDF and civilian activity off Israel’s southern coast, as well as natural gas resources vital to the livelihoods of Israeli citizens.

The attempt to disguise weaponry as civilian cargo on the “Victoria” has been linked to the Iranian government, both in terms of documents found on-board the ship, and other known attempts by Iran to arm various terrorist organizations.

The recent barrage of rockets and mortar shells fired from the Gaza Strip towards Israeli communities underscore the importance of the naval blockade towards Gaza, and the grave security implications had the Israeli Navy not intercepted the “Victoria”.

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