Progress Report on Water in the West Bank from the Civil Administration

The following report follows the progress of various water infrastructure building projects in the West Bank, including a summary of completed projects in 2010.

Please note the process of approval for water infrastructure projects in the Civil Administration:

  • Water projects are proposed and approved by the Joint Water Committee (JWC), a committee made up of Palestinian and Israeli representatives from their respective Water Authorities.
  • The project is presented to the Civil Administration in the West Bank (if it’s located in Area C), and the project representatives are given the proper permit forms from the Civil Administration.
  • Most request forms require a detailed map plan and a formal detailed explanation, most of which are worked out between a Palestinian Water Authority officer and a Civil Administration officer.
  • Once the details are sorted, the Civil Administration begins “Staff Work”, in which the project proposal is dispatched and analyzed by other Civil Administration offices (archeology, electricity, transportation, etc.) in order to obtain the impact that the potential water project would have on other infrastructures in the area.
  • A Civil Administration legal adviser reviews the legality of the project to take into account the public interest and the private property of others.

More information about the Civil Administration’s Water Department can be found here.

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